Dead Winter

This night is ours! Bound together!
Kill the cowards who slayed the kids, who raped the wifes,
who cut our families testiclas in the snow.
Now dead winter comes.
Winter comes.

There is a band between men, fighting for glory
and an abyss to ones who misuse their force.
We are defenders of justice and peace,
every torturer of innocent lay down underneath.
We are the ones standing strong
when the dead winter comes.
When the dead winter comes

For ye shall seek the victory
When you're fighting Giants all alone.
He who is murdering the weak ones:
For you dead winter winter comes.

Winter comes.

You left your trace in ground and snow,
this brotherhood: About to fall.
One against ten, but we are men
following this icecold path.
We found you now covered in snow
nearly frozen, all alone.
Too weak to hold an axe
we stand, enjoy dead winter's court.


Enjoy dead winter's court
on the one's who misused their force (4x)