This land is cold ... so cold. (3x)
Hey, Hey! (4x)

Third night in a row I watch my home,
laying down in the snow.
Standing at the fire
on the top of our tallest tower.
Distant trample, suddenly fills the air.
I doubt there are enemies coming right here.
I blow the horn as I see giant shadows underneath.

This land is cold.
Trollmarschen (2x)

Running down the stairs,
I take two with my arrows,
turn around, step in the crowd.
Blood fills the streets, of my enemies and brothers.
Giants are fighting for the last victory.
Take your blades and swords, fight for your homes,
told in tales in a time far beyond.
With the blood of the trolls
we are washed and for sure
in Valhalla we will sing our song.

Trollmarschen (2x)
This land is cold.

Hey, Hey! (4x)
Hey, Hey! (2x)

Trollmarschen (2x)

This land is cold.